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Imaginary Sonicscape

Today's been an interesting day for weird stuff. I watched House of a 1000 Corpses with Nicole. Ah what a deleightful movie. It didn't have the best storyline or anything but the style was great and I found myself quite entertained the entire time. Gotta love Dr. Satan : )
It wasn't nearly as weird though as this Japanese movie, Naked Blood, I rented over the weekend. It had some girl cutting off and eating her own genetalia and stabbing her eyeball out with a fork and eating it. Fun stuff...

I got a wonderful cd to compliment all the movies I've seen lately. Its a Japanese band called Sigh that could be best described as psychedelic black metal. I got their cd Imaginary Sonicscapes. It's an amazing cd. It incorporates so many different genres of music very seemlessly to create a very surreal and disturbing experience. The vocals range from typical black metal vocals to opera and sampled voices. I'll just post some interesting quotes from reviews of the cd here.

"You could even call SIGH, "Pink Floyd on crack".

What can i say? This is the greatest CD by one of the craziest metal bands ever. Reggae, opera, lounge, jazz, classical, analog synthesizers, and psychedelic rock all having an orgy sex on a bed of black metal.

Their music generates words like psychotic, deranged, twisted, psychadelic, insane and any other word in relation to the imbalance of the brain. After one full listen the struggle within will have you trying to gather your thoughts and emotions. Then on the second listen you will ask yourself if such music is humanly possible?

"try to picture Bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Jimmy Hendrix Abba, Johnny Coltrane and Pink Floyd together in one recording studio smoking a shitload of crack would be an interesting way to sum up Sigh’s music in Imaginary Soundscape"

ahhh I love it!!!!

Please open my eye, the third eye
Please open my eye, I shan't deny
I am blind but I know the truth is here
I am deaf but I know Revelation coming near
-Scarlet Dream

Waves of eternity in my heartbeat
Collapsed by beauty, collapsed into fury
Predicted destiny beyond my sanity
I will never find the reason to be....
-Dreamsphere (Return to the Chaos)
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