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Back from break

Well break went pretty well. Food was awesome and it was nice to see michael and tim and my cousins. I saw the movie Sideways with Michael and my Dad. It was a really good movie, highly reccommended : ) I got a 250 gig hard drive from circuit city for only $79 after rebates which is awesome. I'm so glad to actually have some space on my computer. Julian also actually bought me a 512 mb stick of RAM because he owed me money so now I have 768 mb in my computer, which I'm happy about. Half-Life 2 runs alot better now and loads faster which is good. I've been so addicted to Counter-Strike lately though that I havn't even made it that far in the game.

I really needed to do schoolwork today but as of now I havn't done anything. I'm such a procrastinator : ( This evening was nice though. I hung out with Nicole and her roommate courtney. Courtney is so funny. She says some of the craziest shit sometimes. Me and Nicole watched the first dvd of Serial Experiments Lain, which was cool. I had forgotten how awesome that series was. I can't wait to watch the rest of it : ) I really like anything with a cyberpunk theme lately it seems. I need to finish reading Count Zero (the sequel to Neuromancer). It's really good so far. I've also been watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. It's an amazing series. The animation is great and the story is intelligent and well done so far.

I'm really looking forward to christmas break. I'm going to hang out with Nic for the beginning of it which should be a blast : ) I can not wait to see Sky though. I miss her so so much. As of now were thinking about living in San Fransisco next year. I have no idea what I am going to be doing but I'm still excited about the possibility. It's gonna be pretty crazy though. Were going to be living with her friends so it's going to be me and 6 girls in a house or apartment :/ I'm sure it'll be fine though. It'll just be soo nice to actually be with Sky and not have to be in a ldr for once. ahh I love her so much : )

Anyways time for hw maybe..or videogames : )

"It took the Dutchman and his team three months to put Turner together again. They cloned a square meter of skin for him, grew it on slabs of collagen and shark-cartilage polysaccharides. They bought eyes and genitals on the open market. The eyes were green"

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