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easter break

Actually had a good easter break. We had had dinner with Michael and Tim on Sunday. Ahh the food was great. Lamb is soo good. It's always good to hang out with them to.

I went to a really good show at Cats Cradle on Monday. Julian, Jessica, and Damian went with me. Murder by Death opened for Rasputina. They were actually really good so I picked up their cd. Rasputina was great too. They played alot of good stuff from their new cd. ahh so many hot goth outfits there too. mmmm corsets.

I'm so ready for this semester to be over. I dont even have that much work. I'm just so sick of classes and stuff. I've really missed Sky tons lately too : ( Summer will be so great once she gets here.
This week should be pretty good though. Kill Bill 2 comes out friday!!! ahhhh very very excited. It looks like it might not even be coming to boone though. Its a good thing I'm going home with Nicole this weekend so we can see it then.

I've fought off angels with my hands behind my back
I've set the heavens all on fire
so sleep in the fallout shelter tonight one and all
and wrap the children up real tight
and stop the bleedin before it starts
stop the bleedin before it starts...
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