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Spring Break : )

Well break went pretty well. It so nice not to have class and just relax and read. I went and saw the Passion of Christ with Michael, which was interesting. As a film it was well made but I still think that the film and Christianity is spreading a very distorted message.
Thursday night Nick and Amanda took me out to dinner at Maggiano's which was really good and very nice of them. Thanks guys : ) They had the biggest portions I had ever seen. Still working on the leftovers.
Friday was my birthday. Finally 21 : ) My parents took me out to dinner then Julian, Jessica, Nick, Amanda, D, Michael, and Timothy came over for a while. It was really nice to hang out with everyone and talk about different things. I miss Sky alot though. I was at dinner when she called so we didn't get to talk : ( ahh I love her so much.
I also finished reading The Davinci Code yesterday. It was a really good book. Even though it was a novel I hope it will encourage people to take a more critical view of the Church and make people want to look into the various secret societies that have existed throughout history.
It'll be nice to get back to school too though. I ordered a new videocard for my birthday which should arrive there soon. 256 mb Radeon 9600XT : ) I can't wait to play some new games with it. I've also missed Nicole and and everyone else up there so it'll be good to see them.
Time to eat some good homecooked food and watch some movies.

Powers of Thagerion
Watch the great beast to be
For to Mega Therion
The dragonian melody
The dragon open the eye
And reveal both true and lie
Spiritual supremacy!!
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