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Trip to Europe

Well I haven’t written in here in forever. Just haven’t felt like writing I guess. The trip to Europe to see Sky was so awesome though. It was so great to see her. Things went better between us then I ever even expected. I met her in Madrid and we stayed there a few days before going to Paris. It was definitely pretty crazy being in a place where I didn’t understand anything anyone said. Spain was really neat though. The people seem like a bunch of goofy partiers though. We went to a really good restaurant the first night and went to the Royal palace the next day. They had an awesome armory there…ahhh must get a sword. I think I’ll post a list of all the places we went though at the end the entry instead of writing about every place we went.

Paris was a really beautiful city. Walking along the River Seine at night with Sky was so great. The French were a bunch of bastards like everyone said they were though. Very annoying. We were there for Christmas so we went to the cathedral of Notre Dame, which was nice. We also went and saw Kill Bill. Ah such a great movie. I was really happy Sky enjoyed it so much. I wish they CD stores here like they did in Paris. They had an entire separate section for black metal in most of them \,,/ We also went to the Palace of Versailles outside of Paris which was quite impressive and incredibly extravagant.

London was a really cool place. The people were much nicer! Finally a place where I understood what people were saying. I wasn’t feeling to good for a few of the days which sucked. Sky took really good care of me though : ) It was soo cold there. We went and saw the Return of the King in this huge theater which was cool. London was really expensive though so we couldn’t do to much. Had to resort to stealing some wine from Pizza Hut on New Years. Very funny situation since Sky then accidentally left her purse in there and I had to go back for it and they had just closed : /

We ended up flying from London to Rome because of some problems in our travel plans. Such an awesome flight though. We flew over the tops of snow-capped mountains that were sticking through the clouds. Rome was quite impressive. It had a very pompous and majestic feel to it, which I suppose is very appropriate for Rome. The Collesuem and Pantheon were really impressive too. The people there were also overly nice. It was so nice to just wander around the city with Sky and buy some wine and yummy cheese and just sit on some steps somewhere and talk and eat. I can’t believe how perfect it seems we are for each other sometimes. We went to Vatican City also, which was a cool trip. Got to see the Sistine Chapel : )

We took a train to Palermo, Sicily next. Palermo was very different from most of the places we had been. It was on the ocean and there were lots of palm trees and it had a very gritty look to it. I’m not surprised they filmed one of the Godfather films there. The last day there we went to Catacombs which was sooooo cool. There were hundreds of dead bodies staked to the walls of the passages that you could walk done. Some of them still had hair and skin stretched across their skeletons. There were funny little dead fetuses and babies too. Sky definitely was not enjoying it though.

Leaving Italy was such a mess. I wont go into details but Sky ended up losing around $600 on plane tickets. It was so hard to leave Sky on the last day in Spain. I’ve missed her so much. She’s hopefully going to live here this summer with me though. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I can’t wait. Anyways here’s a list of some of the places we went. I want to get some of the pictures we took scanned too. We ended up with 6 or 7 rolls of film.
I think I’ll start writing in here more though. It’s laundry time now though.

Dec 19th-21: Madrid : )
Royal Palace, Reina Sophia Museum, Prado Museum, Plaza Mayor

Dec 22nd-26: Paris.
Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, The Louvre Museum, Arc de Triumph, Opera

Dec 27th-31: London.
Buckingham Palace, The Monument, St. James Park, Tower Bridge,
Big Ben, The Big Eye, Tate Modern Museum, Picadilly Circus, Leicester

Jan 1st-4: Rome.
Colleseum, Pantheon, Vatican City, St. Peter s Cathedral, Trevi
Fountain, Spagna Plaza, Palantine Hill + The Forum, Catedrale Maggiore

Jan 5th-7: Palermo, Sicily.
Catacombs, Catedrale, Massimo Theatre, Politeamo Theatre (Guys and
Dolls!), Port with mountains, ocean.

Jan 8th: Rome.
Jan 9th: Madrid + Home :(
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